Dell e172fpb схема

dell e172fpb схема
When the stand is off you can remove the back case by inserting a small flat blade screwdriver in the slot on the bottom. Start by removing the 4 screws, 2 on each end and the display. Then remove the monitor stand by unscrewing the four Phillips screws shown circled in yellow. Then unplug the front control panel from the board. Try It, you’ll see! » Ralf Becker , Germany » Great website, very helpfull. When you insert the replacement capacitors be sure to line up the polarity stripe on the cap the same direction as the old cap came out.

Tools: — Philips screw driver- Flathead screw driver- Multimeter- Soldering toolsHardware:- Transistors x4- Fuse . Highly recomend. » John Clarkson , Canada » This site is great help » Jason Smith , Canada. Step 4: Re-assemble and Test If everything went ok you can now re-assemble your monitor and test it. The normal problem on this model LCD in the 2 capacitors in the backlight inverter circuit. Next unplug the LCD panel from the electronics and unplug the backlight tubes(white and pink 2 wire plugs). Last thing is to unscrew the power and signal plugs from the metal shield. Check out this pair of posts if you are interested in reading more about replacing your burned out CCFL with LEDs.

Dell bundles monitors with its desktop computers as package deals, as well as selling them separately through their online store and some other retailers. After the case is seperate remove the monitor and set the case halves to the side for later reassembly Step 2: Getting to the Electronics Once the plastics are removed we need to remove the metal shielding so we can get to the electronics. » Your website is very easy to use and it makes my job alot easier. » Andreas , Germany » I use your site often. The case has a few plastic catches that need to be released. You can look at the board and see the tops of the caps have a bulge on them, this is a sure way to tell they are blown. It is very surprising to see how many different brands of monitors can be repaired by just replacing a few capacitors. Step 3: Board Removal and Repair To remove the board you need to unscrew the 7 screws marked by yellow circles.

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