Shimano citica g разборка схема

The Citica G has a more conservative finish than the Caenan and Curado G but it is less polarizing and matches up well with just about any rod Ergonomics: At this point we are starting to see a trend. When it comes to mainstream performance the Citica G delivers in all the areas that really matter. The reel features a straightforward design with no obvious points of failure and our test reel has exhibited no problems whatsoever, even the finish has successfully warded off boat rash very well. The cast control knob on the side of the reel may not click but it does feel quite solid thanks to a metal construction.

Потому, что они совершенно незаметны на общем фоне стены, облицованной керамической плиткой. Retailing for 30 dollars less than the Curado G Series the Citica G is a compelling offering at the 129 dollar price point. Anglers looking for workhorse reels have turned to both the Curado and Citica Series reels which are designed to deliver performance and reliability at a reasonable price point. Показать все Катушки рыболовные Shimano Показано 1 — 30 (всего 444 позиций) Страницы: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 … Следующая Быстрый просмотрКатушка Shimano HYPERLOOP 4000 FB1,624 руб. 1,380 руб.Артикул: HL4000FBВ наличии Быстрый просмотрКатушка Shimano CATANA 2500 FC 4,102 руб. There was a small amount of play in the handle shank of our test reel but overall the Citica G delivers exceptional cranking power.
The delta in smoothness is relatively small and the biggest difference in feel is the extra leverage provided by the bigger power grips that are found on the Curado G. In comparison the Citica G makes use of the companys more traditional barrel grips. Так же можно сделать съёмный лючок из плитки на магнитах, чтобы он был незаметен на общей площади стены, облицованной керамической плиткой, но магниты могут надёжно удержать не более 2 плиток из-за большого веса, это примерно 30 х 40 или 20 х 60, что маловато для технического шкафа. Свободный доступ можно обеспечить с помощью ревизионного люка. The result was the ability to introduce the Citica G at a price that was just 10 dollars over the previous version, despite the rising cost of raw materials. The Citica G is a very solid performer, so good that in many ways it comes very close to the Curado G in a number of categories.

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