Схема штекера магнитолы сони mdx-c5400x

схема штекера магнитолы сони mdx-c5400x
Multi color display, similar form as the XR-C900 (white characters on black background, multi selector), although no flip-down front. «CD-custom file» and «CD-text». No remote sensor. Change 5 MDs while the 6th is playing. Examples include Disc Memo , Station Memo and Memo List. CD Text — A compact disc and player feature utilizing disc, track and artist information encoded directly on the CD media. The 2-line display shows the disc or track name on the top line, and the elapsed time on the bottom. This results in a primarily dark display, which improves cosmetic integration with a dark colored headunit. Timer recording can continue recording even after faceplate is removed. SSIR-EXA Adaptive Reception tuner, fold-down detachable faceplate, 4-color dot matrix display, D Bass adjustable bass boost.

Can be mounted up to 90° off horizontal. The «Loudness» function is disabled if you have the DSP connected. There are connections for power, Sub, Front, Rear, Unilink, 2 antennas, wired remote, and MD changer. New Sony Xplod series design. 30 radio station presets, 10 second anti-shock protection, volume synching with telephone system, multi-color display, bass/tweeter adjustment,CD-TEXT support, detachable faceplate.
После некоторых раздумий меняю этот резюк , кнопку seek+ и заодно промываю плату в этом месте. Flip-Down Detachable Faceplate — A DIN headunit who’s faceplate hinges at the bottom to reveal a media loading slot. Also tracks highway information and pauses music when information broadcasts are made) 40 presets (20FM, 10AM, 10LW). Equipped with a «rotary commander» for safe operation while driving.

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