Carrier xarios 350 схема

Replacing high pressure cutout switch 1. 4. 2. c. Installation 5. To install the compressor, reverse the procedure outlined when removing the compressor. The steam at low temperature and pressure enters the heat exchanger then enters the compressor pressure regulating valve (CPR – on Road only depends of the unit) which regulates refrigerant pressure entering the compressor, where the cycle starts over. Most electronic components are susceptible to damage caused by electrical static discharge (ESD). In certain cases, the human body can have enough static electricity to cause resultant damage to the components by touch. Wash contaminated clothing and clean protective equipment before reuse. When installing a new V-belt the tension should be somewhat higher than specified and readjusted after allowing the unit to run for some time. Working at height : Take all necessary safety precautions when accessing this refrigeration unit : use safe ladders, working platforms with appropriate guards.

Use water spray on person making shut-off and on containers and cylinders. Eventually, the cab command is easy to operate and enables an automatic selection of road or road and standby mode. Refrigerant handling must be done by qualified people.
Они могут работать в трех режимах: — заморозка; — охлажденка; — обогрев. Reverse flush (opposite normal air flow) with clean water at mild pressure. A garden hose with spray nozzle is usually sufficient. There is no maintenance on evaporator fan motor. 4.11 EVAPORATOR COIL-CLEANING The use of recycled cardboard cartons is increasing. Close the electronic vacuum gauge and vacuum pump valves. Wait five minutes to see if vacuum holds.

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